About Us

What We Do

Helping fast-growing companies hire their first GC and build out their legal teams is our sweet spot.

Like our clients, we innovate. We combine the best of new technologies with a data-driven approach and good old-fashioned human contact. We don’t just rely on the old school method of tapping our existing personal networks, nor do we ascribe to the contemporary approach of recruiting by impersonal mass email.

We’re transparent, candid and passionate about what we do. Drop us a line, connect on LinkedIn, or even – gasp – call us!

How We Work

We’re primarily a retained search firm. We strongly prefer to run our searches on an exclusive basis – it’s the quickest and most effective way to get the best candidates on board. But if you’re a young, bootstrapped company, don’t despair – we have innovative payment models that will work for your budget too.

We love working with interesting young companies who are doing great things, and we want to hear from you.