Who We Are


Sarah Blumling

Founder & Principal

Sarah is a recovering M&A attorney who broke free from the golden handcuffs of BigLaw (at Skadden, and previously Baker & McKenzie) after 50 all-nighters too many, and turned instead to headhunting, where her persuasive personality and penchant for advising others how to run their careers have proved rather useful. She moved to San Francisco from London in 2004 and spent several years with an international recruitment firm before founding QueensBench in 2013. Sarah has done successful searches for clients in locations as diverse as Europe, New York and China, as well as the Bay Area. Sarah tackles every search with the same intense attention to detail that made her the terror of many a junior associate (and the occasional partner) in days gone by. She thrives on contributing to the success of rapid growth clients by quickly securing the perfect candidates for their team.

When she’s not talent-spotting, Sarah is also an avid dancer who loves anything and everything from salsa to hip hop.

Contact Sarah

dial: 415.945.8806
write: sarah.blumling@queens-bench.com


Andrea Berry

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Andrea is the enfant terrible of legal recruiting and puts everyone else to shame with her mastery of new technology. She left a perfectly good career in HR and management (with responsibility for a small team of 55 or so people) to flirt briefly with marketing before finding her niche in executive search. Her experience as a manager of strategy and integration in a fast-growing organization has endowed her with real world understanding of the cultural challenges facing our high-growth clients. Andrea’s natural charm and ruthless tenacity make her a force to be reckoned with as she turns the staid world of legal recruiting on its head.

But that’s just part of the story. Secretly very competitive and a former World Champion equestrian, Andrea is a natural cheerleader with a relentless desire to prod people along their paths to achievement.

Contact Andrea

dial: 415.524.8801
write: andrea.dailey@queens-bench.com